Alessio Sundas (02/12/1971) lived in Florence for many years, is an Italian sports attorney and international intermediary and player agent as he is also licensed in Spain, England, Holland, USA, Brazil, Finland, Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Italy.


Alessio Sundas was born in Tuscany (Italy) in 1971. At the age of 20 he graduated in physiotherapy and after a year of activity, he totally changed direction and started working in the advertising sector.




In 2000, he began working as a sports manager in search of sponsorships for athletes and football clubs.

The first important market operations were carried out with the arrival of large clients at the Fiorentina di Cecchi Gori and Parma.

As time went by, Sundas tried to take root in the world of football by shifting the focus to clubs as well.


Club broker and consultant

In recent years, in fact, the sports attorney has followed several negotiations for the purchase of many football clubs, above all, Fiorentina, Pisa Calcio, Livorno, Bari, Milan (football school), Como, Genoa, Benevento, Palermo, Hellas Verona, Inter, Naples, Parma, Venice, Chievo Verona, Pro Piacenza, Udinese, Frosinone and also abroad especially in Portugal in the Cordoba club. The other foreign clubs contacted were FC Chiasso (Switzerland), Lincoln red (Switzerland), Istra (in Crazia), Lugano (in Switzerland) and in April 2020 contacted Livorno to start a collaboration. All as an intermediary in negotiations between the management and the entrepreneurs concerned.

The Florentine manager has collaborated for the sponsor search with several clubs, also emblazoned, such as Real Madrid where he started negotiations for the renovation of the new Bernabeu.

Sundas was the first to contact the mayors of Bologna, Cagliari, Verona (both for Chievo and Hellas), Genoa (Genoa and Sampdoria), Florence, Milan (Milan and Inter), Naples, Parma and Turin to give the city's clubs the chance to obtain the highest revenues from the use of the stadium in accordance with European standards.

The operations of sports manager Alessio Sundas are not limited to the enhancement of players but also to the search for an improvement in the Italian football movement. It is no coincidence that the proposals for reform of some parts of the regulations are known, trying to meet the needs of Italian managers both as regards the use and concession of sports facilities, but also as regards the protection of clubs increasingly involved in economic crises and bankruptcies.

After the defeat of the qualifications for the World Cup in Russia of Italy, the Tuscan manager has proposed to the top of the FIGC the names of the likely next c.t. Conte, Allegri, Mancini or Ancelotti and precisely Mancini, has been chosen to cover this role.

In the summer of 2017/2018, sports attorney Alessio Sundas asked for collaborations with the following players and their attorneys (2017/2018 season): from Anderlecht - Sà, Trebel, Saief, Markovic; Ajax - De Jong, Dolberg, De Ligt; PSV - Arias; Monaco - Raggi, Fabinho; Chelsea - Hazard, Pedro, Zappacosta, Kante; Sydney - Brillante; Valencia - Simone Zaza; Atalanta -Berisha;; Fiorentina - Chiesa; Benevento - Letizia; Crotone - Ceccherini.

Sundas also had the honour of having his own represented in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Tunisian Sassi (who also scored a goal against England).

In the 2018/2019 summer kick-off session Alessio Sundas decided to give the Serie A championship back the value it once was and precisely they were called upon to start an intermediary champions of the calibre of Chiesa and Simeone - Fiorentina, El Shaarawy and Perotti - Roma, Hazard - Chealse, Isco and Modric - Real Madrid, Rabiot - PSG, Zaza - Valencia, Renato Sanches - Bayern Munich, Sturaro and Benatia - Juventus, Bacca and Reina - Milan, Milinkovic Savic - Lazio, De Gea - Manchester United, Joao Mario - Inter and finally Maradona.

This initiative has meant that many negotiations have been concluded by the clubs contacted.

The great dream of manager Alessio Sundas is to see a Serie A full of great champions and he is doing everything he can to bring Lionel Messi to Italy. Contacts have been made with Napoli, Inter, Juventus and Fiorentina to start a series of negotiations with Barcelona.

Sundas received a mandate from the Ukrainian club fc Chornomorets Odessa as a market consultant for the first team and the youth team.

Likewise, the Florentine manager has received a mandate as a consultant from AZ Picerno (a club that plays in the Italian C series).

The international player's sports agent Alessio Sundas has been appointed by the Moldovan First Division club for the scounting of coaches, technical staff, young players and first team. An important collaboration, which has established an excellent starting point for the Moldovan team, which will benefit from the expertise of the Florentine manager.

The Florentine manager contacted the premier league clubs to propose to them to start the eco-sustainable Stadium project. After reaching agreements with the various municipalities involved, manager Alessio Sundas is now thinking of taking a further step towards eco-sustainable stadiums for the benefit of the environment.

Sundas in view of the new summer market 2020 is contacting many professionals to propose to them to change clubs. Here are the various players contacted: Lorenzo Insigne, Nicolò Barella, Radja Nainggolan, Adrien Rabiot, Alex Sandro, Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain, Skriniar, Lautaro Martinez, Godin, Federico Chiesa, Lucas Leiva, Andrea Belotti .

Sundas also contacted the top coaches without bench for a relaunch next season. Here are the coaches contacted: Pochettino, Blanc, Montella, Dunga, Clarence Seedorf, Cesare Prandelli, Jürgen Klinsmann, Ernesto Valverde, Maran, Thiago Motta.

 Women's football

Always been close to women's football, Alessio Sundas also works in the search for the affirmation of the Italian women's football movement.

In fact, Sport Man is also starting to develop the women's sector where abroad it is very active and satisfactory, in particular it has already received a mandate to look for sponsors and market manager with Tavagnacco (a club that plays in women's Serie A).

A great operation was done with the Brazilian player Andressa, in particular with the operation that brought her from Barcelona to Roma in the summer of 2019.

The sports attorney Alessio Sundas has opened a club in the United States of America and thus represent players of the world.

In the summer of 2020, manager Sundas looked after the interests of the very strong Brazilian champion Cristiane and the French Hamidouche.

 FIFA - UEFA - FIGC proposals

The international player agent Alessio Sundas is also known for having sent several proposals to the highest bodies of national football (FIGC), European (UEFA) and World Cup (FIFA) such as: the rule of one (where the number of passes to the goalkeeper is limited), football fan credit (to reward the correct fans and strongly sanction the violent ones), increase of the changes from three to six (to make more players play in this way), reform on the membership of non-EU players in women's football from two to six, return to the prize games as in the past to fight against ludopathy and many others.

Sundas has been working a lot against racism lately. In fact, he has proposed to the FIGC, UEFA and FIFA to proceed with the installation of cameras aimed at fans and with the support of law enforcement agencies to ensure that these violent people are immediately recognized and stopped. The FIGC, in conjunction with the Ministry of Sport and the Interior, is studying how to implement this project.

Other initiatives proposed by Alessio Sundas to FIFA, UEFA and FIGC have been:

  • Increase non-EU, because "the passion can not have geographical boundaries, the spectacle on the field is part of the beauty of football, and non-EU players create fun on the rectangle of the game" so the sports attorney Alessio Sundas is willing to go all the way, officially asking the institutions that regulate football to consider carefully the proposal to raise at least 50% of the athletes deployed on the field the presence of non-European players.
  • Ban on hitting heads for boys under 14, this is a revolutionary proposal and goes to protect the health of children who could have serious head problems during football matches.

Another revolutionary proposal of Sundas that could change the way to decide who to bench, with the voice that passes to the fans: to create a platform where every subscriber and uncensored fan, can vote for a team of coaches proposed by the club so as to decide the coach of the team.

At the end of February 2020, player's agent Alessio Sundas sent a proposal to FIFA to allow a new generation change and to protect young athletes: "The last professional contract can be signed until the player's 29th year of age, after which the athlete can become the mental coach of the new players to enhance them".

Only in this way you will constantly have new spare parts and young people will not make mistakes anymore as they will be followed by great players who in the meantime have acquired an important sporting maturity and not only to guide them in the continuation of their career.

Alessio Sundas sent two petitions to the Senate of the Italian Republic in March 2020.

1) Avoid sexual abuse at work or during sports and school activities

Where employers and those responsible for sports activities are obliged to purchase professional mini cameras as PPE for all employees (teachers, coaches and collaborators).

This camera will be connected to a PC where everything is recorded and viewable in case of misunderstandings or accusations. It should be noted that this petition was announced to the Senate Assembly in session no. 207 of 16 April 2020. It bears the number 514 and has been assigned to the 1st Standing Committee (Constitutional Affairs), which will take care of its follow-up in accordance with article 141 of the Senate Regulations.

2) Enhance the sport and request for appointment as ambassador

To restore prestige to Italian sport as in the past, Sundas has decided to create a group of "ambassadors" who travel the world on behalf of the Republic according to the principles of FRATERNITY, SOLDIADRIETA', SANO DIVERTIMENTO, SPETTACOLO.

Sundas also proposed himself to the Senate, Chamber of Deputies and President of the Republic as the first Ambassador for the enhancement of Italian Sport in the world.

In March 2020, Alessio Sundas, following the Covid-19 epidemic, promoted an initiative to request funds from clubs and players for research.

The Tuscan agent has launched an awareness campaign to donate part of the turnover to research institutes and bodies. The platform chosen is the Solidarity response fund, the fund launched by the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, to collect donations to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the same period, Sundas contacted FIFA to ask them to collaborate with them in the search for sponsors and event organization as the Sport Man is a world leader.

In April 2020 Sundas proposed to FIFA and FIGC to create the instrument of co-ownership of the player card with the sponsor companies to save clubs (FIFA has opened the possibility to use this tool).

Sundas also sent a petition to Parliament to restart training in professional football, a petition accepted in the Senate where it is in progress.

Sundas has also made a proposal for radical change in the American MLS championship. The sensational proposal was that it will not be enough money to enroll clubs in the championships, but it will take some very specific rules. There will be a change in the rules, which will introduce guidelines on relegation and promotions. The aim of all this is to strengthen the teams and also the nurseries, and increase the spectacle on the pitch to entertain the fans.

Following the Covid-19 and the difficulties to resume the championships, Sundas sent the proposal to the FIGC and Lega A where he proposed to have mini leagues played in neutral leagues to Serie A to decide the various positions.

Sundas has also promoted the international initiative "Don't ignore" together with personalities from show business, music, cinema and many others, sending a message not to ignore each other to defeat evil.

Sundas, in May 2020 sent a petition where, he wants to recruit willing pensioners and hire them voluntarily to help the many young people who are in difficulty. In essence, a way to improve life for everyone.

The Florentine manager has been appointed "AMBASSADOR OF GOOD VOLUNTY" by Víctor Rolando Auyerós, President of the Cultural Association for Integral Development - ACDI, an Argentinean non-profit organization committed to the sustainable social and economic development of vulnerable populations. They chose the Florentine manager Alessio Sundas for his interest and his sincere willingness to assume an active commitment sharing the    vision of a world in which the person, aware of his own value and dignity, is the protagonist of his own integral development and that of his community, even in contexts of crisis and emergency.

The first week of May 2020 Sundas sent the great solution to safely restart world football with the Luna 3D Stadium project: stadium and cameras with augmented reality and single dressing rooms against the pandemic.

In the same period Sundas also sent, both to FIFA and FIGC, two other proposals for the relaunch of young people and to reform the football market.

In particular, to re-launch our youngsters to become adults again, where each club will have to develop its own national nursery to draw on for the first team; and the project strengthens the nation, where they have been asked to modify the market by limiting it to their own countrymen (in Italy, only Italians, in France, only French, etc.) so as to restore prestige to their national teams and limit the economic damage caused by the pandemic.

Alessio Sundas has sent further new proposals to the highest level of the Italian Football Association:

  • Double penalty, where if the foul is committed inside the penalty area the maximum penalty is awarded as always, but if the foul is committed inside the small area, also the double penalty and must be shot by the person who has suffered it.
  • Before joining a minor player in the professional club, the athlete will have to pass the FMT eligibility form (mental and technical physique).

During the entry test, the player's data will be measured from an athletic, physical, mental and school point of view.

This means that you will have to catch up with compulsory schooling and attend refresher courses suitable for your age.

There will be a commission appointed by the relevant federations where they will evaluate the above requirements of the player and if one of these requirements is not suitable the player cannot be registered.

This will be valid until the athlete's eighteenth year of age.

Thanks to this new rule, no more "recommended" and "ignorant" kids will be registered.

In June 2020 Sundas contacted the Government of Jamaica to receive a patronage given the possibility of organizing a selection of young players to propose to clubs in MLS and European thanks to the use of the latest generation of GPS jackets.

Sunadas, in July 2020, sent a petition to Parliament on web security as President of the AUFA. In particular, Sundas asked to "introduce the obligation for all social media to have the identity card of the owner of the profile (visible only by the social media privacy officer) inserted on the data required for the creation of a profile, so as to no longer create the anonymity that protects only those who want to do harm to the detriment of minors and decent people".


In November 2019, Sundas contacted the president of Inter Miami, the famous David Beckham, to find sponsors for the club's new stadium. Sundas proposed to bring investors and not only; in fact, part of the Florentine manager's idea is to bring champions from Europe to the USA and the full technical staff.

In women's football, the Americans are undoubtedly among the strongest teams ever and trying to bring them to Europe and Italy would certainly be an extraordinary thing.

As far as the men's sector is concerned, we all know that the Americans are not the best, but the "American dream" could be realized in Europe and why not in Italy thanks to these initiatives.

In December 2019 the player's agent Alessio Sundas contacted again Lionel Messi and Barcelona to ask if there was a chance for the Argentinean champion to move to America in the MLS championship but the Catalan club said it didn't want to lose the strongest player in the world.

Sundas contacted MLS to offer them a new format to enhance their youth sector and prepare them to go to Europe in excellent clubs. This model should include 3 rounds east, center and west of the country and make a round trip championship where the first three and the best second go to the final phase.

In this way the players will be enhanced by making the American championship more exciting and valuable. The boys will be promoted and bought in Europe in first division clubs and the American teams will receive income from these investments in youth development.

The players proposed in Europe will be paid by the sponsors as per the proposal submitted to FIFA on 06 April 2020.

In May 2020, Sundas contacted Orlando City, FC Dallas and New York City (MLS clubs) as a sponsor and brokerage researcher with clubs in Europe.

 Sundas and his assistants

Sundas has, among his assistants, several champions such as Tule Lilian Mwuese, Nigerian player class '98; Loic Feudjou, goalkeeper of '92 very prepared and in orbit of important European clubs; Felipe Gedoz from Conceiçao, Brazilian '92, strong point, great goleador, Maycon Vinícius Ferreira from Cruz, Brazilian quarterback '92; Victor Gutierrz, Colombian class '96; the midfielder from Uruguay Marcel Román class '88, the Italian Swiss Luca Tranquilli class '93 and goalkeeper Gakos Gerorgis of '98.

Among the coaches, Sundas manages the myth of the 90s and early 2000s, Sven Goran Eriksson, the Swede who more than any other has given great emotions in every team he coaches.

Eriksson, won the Italian championship with Lazio, one of the strongest teams ever, coached among others, England in the 2006 World Cup and saw in the Florentine manager the charisma and competence to continue this work with the strength of the past hoping for a return on the A evenings. Sundas has proposed him to several benches such as Milan, Fiorentina, Turin and Genoa.

At the end of January 2020, Alessio Sundas has been registered as an Agent Coni - Fixed Section - for the FIGC.

In April 2020 Alessio Sundas developed the project and Sports by dedicating a scouting area of his agency where to discover the new talents of this innovative and technological discipline. The Florentine manager has always followed the evolution of these games and now, with football stopped he is dedicating more attention.

Another important initiative was to contact Italian clubs to find the next talents in both male and female football.

In practice, the club will have the opportunity to make a pre-selection through video material provided by Sundas, then can decide the day and place of the audition, to which the athlete will be presented not only with a medical certificate for competitive use, but also recent medical documentation that unequivocally attests to the perfect state of health.

 Other Sportsmen followed by Sundas

Sundas in particular managed a water polo player from Brescia, in addition to the runner Tom Perry (famous for running barefoot, barefoot), the rower Paolo Razzauti, the weightlifting champion Alessio Calo, the middle distance athlete Pietro Leone, another athlete Manuel Bocci, judoka Giulia Caggiano and many others.

Alessio Sundas’ extraordinary skillsFootball is full of dynamic and prepared characters who know how to achieve the required goals with their know-how and thanks to their preparation.Rare cases are those who manage to find new spaces and new frontiers on which to focus: they bring important news for everyone thanks to their way of thinking in addition to the schemes they create. These are people with extraordinary abilities.Alessio Sundas,what kind of character is he? I leave the final choice to you.He was born in Tuscany, near the city of Florence (Italy) in 1971 andhe early demonstrated his creativity and managerial skills in the most varied ways.Sundasgraduated in physiotherapy when he was 20 years old but he completely changed the direction of work after a year of activity and he began to work in advertising marketing.In 2000 he began working as a sports manager dealing with sponsorship research for sportsmen and football clubs: he obtainedgreat results thanks to the numerous knowledge acquired over the years and thanks to hispersuasive and engaging attitude that characterize him.The first important market operations were conducted with the arrivalof important players in important clubs such as Parma Calcio and Cecchi Gori’s Fiorentina.As the time passed, Sundas tried to take root in the world of football, also focusing on clubs.In recent years the sports agent followed several negotiations, he proposed himself as an intermediaryfor the purchase of many Italian and foreign football clubs, above all: ACF Fiorentina, Pisa Calcio, AS Livorno Calcio, SS Calcio Bari, Como 1907, Genoa CFC, Benevento Calcio, Palermo SSD, Hellas Verona FC, Inter FC, Parma Calcio, Venezia FC, AC Chievo Verona, Pro Piacenza, Udinese Calcio, Frosinone Calcio and also abroad, especially in Cordoba FC in Portugal.The other foreign clubs contacted were FC Chiasso (Switzerland), Lincoln Red (Switzerland), Istria (in Croatia) and Lugano (in Switzerland).One of the greatest professional satisfactions of the Florentine manager was that of having collaborated with Real Madrid CF searching for sponsors for the restructuring of the new Bernabeu.Sundas is also well known for initiatives created for the good of football clubs, fans and for entertainment in general.A very interesting initiative wasthe owned stadiums matter: Sundas was the first to contact the mayors of various Italian cities proposing himself as intermediary betweenthe Municipality and the club to better match supply and demand.Sundas’ idea was to give to the clubs the possibility of obtaining greater revenues from the use of their own stadium, also adapting to the European standards.Alessio Sundas is one step ahead in his work: he was the one who invented a revolutionary method whereby every talented boy or girl eager to shine andto get involved, he/she can try to have his/her moment showing off and tochange his life during an important audition.

 2The "VPM" method for the marketing promotion of the athlete manages to enhance and make known the athlete's technical data sheet to the clubs, thus giving the player the opportunity to make himself known and appreciated by the clubs.If a good player is not known, nobody knows that he/she exists and we should not forget it.For this reason, enhancement and promotion arefundamental for those who really want to improve his/hersports profile.Sundas also had the honor of having one of his athletes at the 2018 WorldCup in Russia.The volcanic Sundas has also develops another ambitious project called Academy Sport Man. This Academy admits players who are already trained, but they have to be recovered. How many times complete athletes freeze during their journey? Well, the Academy has the answer: it has the aim of recovering these players. An important enhancement from the physical andmental point of view for the benefit of the player and therefore also of the club that finds the athlete ready to face new challenges.Another important result that came from the brilliant mind of Sundas was that of the national academy (for male and female players).Each club contacted had the pleasure of reading the revolutionary projectto restore prestige to the Italian youth football in order tomake it great again asin the past. At the end of a course the best 16 years old athletes will be presentedto the National team coach.During the course, the technical data sheets of the players will be sent to the observers of the major Italian and foreign clubs.Sundas was always close to women's football sector, his Sport Man agency also works for the affirmation of the women's football movement, increasingly under mediatic and non-mediatic attacks.Sundas was among the first to believe in the women's football sectorthat is very active and satisfying abroad: Sundas received a mandate to search sponsors and market manager with clubs that playin the Women's A Series.Sundas was among the architects of thegreat operationmade with the Brazilian player Andressa, from FC Barcelona to AS Romabringing class and strength also in the Italian championship.Alessio Sundas’ operations are not limited to the players’ enhancement, but they also concern the improvement of the Italian football movement.3Sundas wasof the creator of the"Save the football clubs"project: he tries to support the needs of Italian managers regarding the use and concession of sports facilities, but also regarding the protection of the clubs that are more often involved in economic crises and in bankruptcies.The international players agent Alessio Sundas is also known for having sent to the highest levels of FIGC (Italian Football Federation ), UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) and FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) several proposalssuch as: the Rule of One (it regulates the number of passes to the goalkeeper and the passes are limited), the Football Fan Credit (a system that reward the fans with a right behavior and strongly sanction the violent fans), the increasement of the substitutions from three to six (so that more players can play), the reform of the non-EU players’ membership in women's football from two to six, the return to the prize games as in the past to fight ludopathy, and the Eagle Eye (supporters canalso see the VAR and say their opinion on social media).Lately Sundas worked a lot against racism: he proposed to FIGC, UEFA and FIFAto install cameras pointed at the supportersand he proposedto involve the police forces to ensure that the violent areimmediately recognized and stopped. The FIGC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and the Interior, are studying the way to implement this project.Here there are other initiatives proposed by Sundas to International Federations:The increase the non-EU playersbecause "passion cannot have geographical boundaries, the show on the field is part of the football’s magic and the non-EU players create fun on the green rectangle".Alessio Sundas wants to go all the way officially asking to the football’s institutions to carefully consider the proposal to increase the presence of non-European players to at least 50% of the athletes deployed on the field.The prohibition to head for under 14 players: this is a revolutionary proposal that protect the children’s healthwho may have serious head problems during football matches.The overflowing Alessio Sundas has also proposed to change the coach's way of choice: he wants to give voice tothe supporters creating a platform where every subscriber and uncensored fan can vote among a shortlist of coaches proposed by the club in order to decide the coach of the team.Finally, just in these days, Sundassent a proposal to FIFA in order to allowa new generational change and to protect young athletes: “The last professional contract can be signed up to the player's twenty-ninth year of age, after which the athlete can become the mental coach of the new players to enhance them".4In this way there will be constantly a renewal and young players will no longer make mistakes as they will be followed by important players.In the meantime, the famous players will have acquired a sporting awareness that will be useful not only to guide through their career.Alessio Sundas dreams the world championships full of great champions and he is trying to do his best to bring Lionel Messi in an Italian club. Napoli, Inter, Juventus and Fiorentina have been contacted to start a series of negotiations with Barcelona.In December 2019 the player's agent Alessio Sundas contacted Lionel Messiand his club to ask if there was the possibility for the Argentine football star to move in the MLS American championship, but the Catalan club affirmed Barcelona FC didn’t want to lose the best player of the world.This is only the tip of the Iceberg called Alessio Sundas.To you the judgment on this person who, according to many, simply has extraordinary SKYLLS.