Alessio Sundas (Florence, Italy) is an Italian sports

agentand international intermediary as he is also

qualified in Spain,England, Brazil, USA, Finland,

                                                  Austria, Denmark, Holland and Hungary.

In 2000 he began his career as a football sports

agentand he was one of the firsts who tried to

make brokeringin sports field.

The first important market’s operations

were made with the arrival of relevant

players in Cecchi Gori’s Fiorentinaand

Tanzi's Parma.
Over time Sundas tried to settle in the world offootball focusing also on clubs.

In recent years, in fact, he followed several purchase’s negotiations in collaborations with many football clubs: above all Fiorentina, Pisa Calcio, Livorno, Bari, Milan (Football School), Como, Genoa, Benevento, Palermo, Hellas Verona, Inter, Bari, Parma, Venezia, Chievo Verona, Pro Piacenza, Udinese, Frosinone and also abroad, in particular inPortugal, in the Cordoba club.

The last foreign clubs contactedwere the FC Chiasso (Switzerland), Lincoln red (Switzerland), Istria (Croatia), Lugano (Switzerland), and Leo FC (Gibraltar).

In all these negotiations he maintained the role of intermediary between the management and the interestedbusinessmen.
Alessio Sundas's operations as a sporting manager are not limitedto the players’ enhancement but also to the research for animprovement of the Italian football movement.
It is not coincidence that the reform’s proposals of some elements of the regulation are well known.

The last proposal among these is “the rule of one”.
Sundasalso promotes the "Property’s Stadiums" and "Save the football clubs" projects, he seeks to support the needs of Italian managers, the use and the sports’ facilities concession, but he also supports the defense of clubs which are often involved in economic crises and bankruptcies.
Sundas is involved with women's football, his Sport Man society also tries to affirm the female football movement that is increasingly attacked bymedia and not only.
From the federal point of view, Alessio Sundas founded and he is the President of the UAFA, Union Agent Football Association, which was created in order to protect therights of sports’ agents.